Local Seo Checklist – How to Rank Locally

Francisco Leon Toronto SEO Analyst, currently he is responsible as Seo Lead for the internationalization strategy on Spanish Markets at Shopify.

What is Local SEO?

seoSmall businesses seem to be the trend now. They are all over the place, and make it possible for more people to own a business. Gone are the days when you have to use a very big amount as business capital. It is now possible to start small and just expand along the way.

Internet marketing has been a welcome development for small and medium-sized businesses. It is now easier for them to make a name for themselves and make that name known in such a short span of time. To hit gold in digital marketing, most small businesses resort to local search engine optimization (SEO) marketing.

    • Local SEO focuses the results of a search engine query based on where the user is located. Google and other search engines usually ask for your location. When you turn it on, you automatically shift your results to local ones. For example, if you search about the best burgers, and you have turned on your location, the results that will show up are burger joints and restaurants that are nearest to you.
    • Local SEO has gained popularity following the rampant use of smartphones. People of all ages now use smartphones every day. Some even have two or more, and are usually glued to their smartphones most part of the day. This makes local SEO such a hit when it comes to promoting a brand or item.
    • Local SEO is an excellent choice for small businesses because it brings them closer to the people near them.Before local SEO was born, businesses mainly relied on print and radio ads to bring them customers especially on their first few days. It was such a challenge to be able to promote and reach as much people in a span of time. Now that local SEO is being so widely used, it is easy for small businesses to reach out to them, maybe even in just a matter of seconds.
    • Local search marketing is timely. With real time results and accessibility, more and more local searchers use the internet to look for the services and products they need. It is more likely for local consumers to choose to hire a business that is closer to them. It gives them a sense of security to deal and work with a company that is near them, and kind of instantly builds rapport as well.
    • Of all marketing channels, local SEO has the highest conversion rates. Click through rates are very important, and can pretty much determine if your business is doing well on the web. However, the conversion rate of a click to an actual sale is what matters more in terms of local SEO. It is when a particular person clicks your page, becomes a client, and comes back frequently will you only be sure that indeed, local SEO is making your business well.
    • 58% of local searches is about local businesses. This status shows how much people now rely on the internet to look for credible businesses they can work with. If your page is verified, regularly updated, and have been in local SEO efforts for long that it has managed to climb up on the ladder of local search results, people are bound to click on your link more than the others. Frequent web users can determine if a business is trustworthy enough, for they can know if a page is already verified.
    • There is a continuous growth of mobile phone usage. More and more people give in to smartphones. Most people, if not all, are on their smart phones all the time, and are always updated on trends. You are bound to reach more people on the web when you exert local SEO efforts, as compared to the people you can reach when you choose to advertise via print media or the radio. More and more people also turn to the web for news updates, which is quite a big sign as to how much more they trust the internet as compared to other forms of media.
    • Local SEO is cost-effective.There are many forms of digital marketing, and local SEO is truly the most cost effective of them all. There is no wasted exposure, as only people who are truly interested in your line of products and business can see your page. Your page will only come up when a user actually searches for it. Also, when you compare the costs of local SEO to that of print media advertising and promotions, local SEO wins by a very wide margin of being more affordable.
    • There is only a measly 10% local businesses that are aware of local SEO. While it is true that more businesses get to internet marketing every day, it is still a small percentage when you compute it including all registered small businesses. Not everyone is blessed with technical know-how, and quite a lot of business owners still get overwhelmed with the complex world of SEO, so they dare not join the bandwagon. This fact makes you kind of a pioneer in the local SEO strategy, so you can solely enjoy the benefits of local SEO compared to your direct rivals.
    • There are lots of free SEO tools now. Maybe because of the fact that there are only 10% of local business yet to discover the power of SEO efforts, most SEO tools are free for now. You have the opportunity of improving your marketing strategies without having to break the bank. You just have to be keen on learning its hoops and loops, and your business is good to go.

Small businesses today are very fortunate that local SEO is here, and looks like it is here to stay. It makes marketing and promotions easier, and also provides business owners the power of implementing brand awareness campaigns that do not cost too much. It is also easier for a local SEO company to rank websites for a particular geographic area or city/

Local SEO is a great way to let people know what you offer. You get to reach your target audience easier, and can also reach way beyond your market in just a click. Make your brand famous, and use the web as your canvas for your brand awareness canvas.

Your page becomes your ticket to a possible business expansion. It is your location that will take you there.

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